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Microsoft Outlook 2010

Beyond E-mail to Efficiency

Use Outlook to better prepare meeting attendees

Great news! Outlook can make your entire workday work better.  Outlook 2010 contains dozens of simple techniques to help you accomplish more every day … not just with email, but in ways you never expected. Discover the time-saving secrets in Microsoft Outlook 2010: Beyond E-mail to Efficiency.

Gets tips like these and much more:

Let's say you have a meeting scheduled. You have forwarded the emails to meeting attendees with the proposed goals of the meeting.

To prepare for the meeting, attendees search their inboxes, computers and network drives to find email messages and the related files they'll need. If it is too cumbersome a task, they'll simply come unprepared, costing valuable time in the meeting. By inserting some of these objects right into the meeting notice, you can help attendees better prepare for the meeting.

Outlook items

Compose a new meeting. First, you see the familiar paperclip, which is how we attach documents, spreadsheets and other files. But, you can also attach other Outlook items. The button next to the paperclip, which looks like a yellow envelope with a paperclip on top of it, is what you use to attach those email messages from customers. If you will be covering how to assign the work involved in the project, you could attach those tasks.


Next, you can insert a diagram into the meeting information to help attendees start thinking about new processes. In Office 2007 and 2010, you can create high quality diagrams without professional graphics help using SmartArt. 


Another Outlook 2010 item in the Illustrations group is the Screenshot button. Say your meeting with the IT department regarding particular error message your boss is getting on his computer. You can add that screenshot directly to your meeting invite.

Quick Parts

One more feature of Outlook 2007 and 2010 is Quick Parts. If you frequently use the same words, phrases or paragraphs, you probably open up old meeting notices or emails to copy and paste. With Quick Parts, you essentially have a permanent clipboard. For example, say you have specific language that you use for mandatory meetings. Here's what to do:

  • Type the verbiage into a new email or copy the verbiage from an existing email. 
  • On the Insert tab, in the Text group, choose the Quick Parts button, then Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. 
  • Complete the dialog box with a name and description to make it easy to find again. 
  • Click OK. 
  • To use it again, just click the Insert tab, look in the Text group and click the Quick Parts button. You'll see the one you just created in the dropdown list. 

How do some people get so much done? They're no smarter than you … they don't work any harder (in fact, they may even work less) … yet they accomplish more. And they do it all more easily and with less stress.

Their secret? Knowing how to get the most out of their business tools, such as Microsoft® Outlook® 2010. Outlook – the program you already use every day – can do far more than handle your email and manage your appointments. It can make all of your work flow more smoothly, once you know the software's hidden capabilities. Which is precisely what you'll learn in Microsoft Outlook 2010: Beyond E-mail to Efficiency.

Thanks to Microsoft® Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel, Outlook will be your personal assistant. Her Executive Summary covers:
  • Getting and staying organized 
  • Managing time with calendars and tasks 
  • Making Outlook follow your rules 
  • Using the To Do bar to get things done 
  • Tapping the full power of folders 
  • The time-saving advantages of Smart Art and Quick Parts

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